The weekend just gone, myself, Tori Keating, Sarah Casey, Sarah Collins, Lukas Brighton joined up with Melissa Crossman (all RCC riders) and Todd Decourcy (not a RCC rider yet) to tackle the Midi Smiddy (580km in 3 days) with 46 other riders over some challenging countryside including the road up into Toowoomba, Upper Flagstone Creek Rd (find it on strava - Crebra Crescent Climb).

I thought it worthwhile to let the rest of the RCC members know that all riders performed well and special mention must go to the 3 young ladies who shone among the peleton. These young ladies impressed many with their determination, manners, ability and ease which they become part of a diverse group of riders. Sarah Casey riding all 580km and to keep going when it got really tough certainly inspired others. Sarah Collins, who picked up a Strava QOM (Upper Wall - a 300m 17% segment) for a short time and showed the determination we know Collins has. Tori Keating, giving me the odd push (how the tables have turned :) ) and soldiering on through some day 2 suffering. Melissa Crossman went further than she expected given her rigorous road training program since leaving Rocky, something like 4 riverloops!! Toddy, claiming some Strava trophies on climbs and Lukas also performing exceptionally well.

They all are a credit to themselves, their parents, and the club and i know i'm proud to be part of the same club as these girls (and Lukas).

There is a short little video out there ( see if you can Spot Collins :)

Hopefully John Casey will publish some photos in the near future.



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Comment by Bernie Seymour on May 20, 2014 at 9:47pm

Great stuff Mick, and well done to all.

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